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These beautiful art books house some of the best illustrations from the Golden Age, not to mention the wonderful original stories, making them fantastic gifts for any occasion. Discover illustrated art books celebrating the work of illustrators like Arthur Rackham and W. Heath Robinson, along with magical editions of some of the classic and most loved fairy tales of all time. 


The Fairy Tale Art of W. Heath Robinson – A Treasury of Children’s Book Illustration

This enchanting volume is a new collection of W. Heath Robinson’s fantastical fairy tale art and children’s book illustrations, produced across a 50-year career during the Golden Age of Illustration. This carefully curated volume presents 100 black and white illustrations and 54 full-colour fairy tale artworks. Each image is presented as a full-page plate and is accompanied by its original caption and publication details.

This beautiful volume has been carefully curated to encompass the true magic behind W. Heath Robinson’s work, making it the perfect gift for lovers of illustrated fairy tales.

The contents of this fairy tale treasury include illustrations from some of the most adored children’s storybooks, such as The Giant Crab (1897), Arabian Nights (1899), The Adventures of Uncle Lubin (1902), Hans Andersen’s Fairy Tales (1913), A Midsummer Night’s Dream (1914) and many more. 


The Art of Arthur Rackham – Celebrating 150 Years

Arthur Rackham is still regarded to this day as one of the best artists from the Golden Age of Illustration. Having contributed to an extensive number of books, periodicals and magazines throughout his career, it is no surprise that this book celebrating 15o years of the artist is a magical read.

This beautiful volume presenting 150 original artworks, covers his incredible career – from his landmark 1905 edition of Rip Van Winkle to classic books such as Undine, and A Midsummer Night’s Dream, to his final publication of The Wind in the Willows.


This edition houses 150 beautiful illustrations curated from his treasury, along with a biography of Rackham’s personal, professional and artistic life alongside his wonderful work, The Art of Arthur Rackham is a complete celebration of the well-loved artist. A completely immersive read, it is hard not to lose yourself in his captivating world, making it a fantastic gift for any lovers of his magical work.


The Illustrated Alice in Wonderland (The Golden Age of Illustration Series)

This beautifully illustrated art book is a must-have for art lovers and Alice in Wonderland lovers alike. Presenting a collection of the best artwork from the likes of Arthur Rackham and W. Heath Robinson, including the original illustrations from the book’s first publication by John Tenniel.

This magical edition illustrates the original Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, encapsulating the best illustrative art of the story from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

This edition features 200 stunning illustrations providing a different take on the fantastical tale. A unique gift for lovers of the original story, this Illustrated Alice in Wonderland will take you on a journey like no other through the eyes of multiple artists.

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, John Tenniel, 1865.

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Charles Robinson, 1907.


The Illustrated Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp

This illustrated art book of the classic ‘rags to riches’ tale features 120 illustrations by twenty different artists from the Golden Age of Illustration – some dating as far back as 1859.

Found in The Arabian Nights, or One thousand and One Nights – an enchanting collection of fairy tales of Middle East origin, the tale of Aladdin has captured the imagination of some of the best illustrators since the eighteenth century. The enchanting collection features artwork from the likes of Arthur Rackham, Edmund Dulac, Milo Winter and many more.

Each with such individual styling, the journey through the tale is immersive, with something new to discover at each turn of the page. The dark, bewitching work of  The Brothers Daziel contrasting with the brightly coloured work of Walter Crane adds another level to this already exotic story of love and wish-granting genies.


Cinderella and The Sleeping Beauty – Illustrated by Arthur Rackham

One of the most adored illustrators of the Golden Age of Illustration, Arthur Rackham, and two of the most adored fairy tales of all time come together in this beautiful deluxe edition of Cinderella and The Sleeping Beauty.

Rackham’s unique silhouette illustrations accompany the lovely tales in a black, white, and colour exploration of the fairy tale imagery. With the illustrated art book housing both stories in full, the extended novella fairy tales by C. S. Evans provide the perfect canvas for the artwork creating a truly enchanting read.

This remarkable collaboration between writer and artist has been treasured for 100 years, and this beautiful new edition can be cherished once more – perfect for lovers of the fairy tales Cinderella and The Sleeping Beauty, as well as fans of Arthur Rackham’s artwork.

Cinderella, Arthur Rackham, 1909.

The Sleeping Beauty, Arthur Rackham, 1920.

Cinderella, Arthur Rackham, 1920.


The Snow Queen – The Golden Age of Illustration Series

From our Golden Age of Illustration Series, this beautiful volume features the wonderful story from Hans Christian AndersenThe Snow Queen. First published in 1844, the classic fairy tale has inspired illustrators throughout the decades.

This edition features a charming collection of artwork from the likes of Arthur Rackham, Edmund DulacHarry Clarke and many more. The story of friendship, love and an evil curse is Andersen’s longest and among the most loved pieces of writing. The novella-length tale is told in seven stories and illustrated brilliantly throughout.

Depicted beautifully with wintery imagery, the artwork of Honor C. Appleton combined with the magically dark work from Harry Clarke adds to the twists and turns of this story as it’s told. 

The Snow Queen by Honor C. Appleton

The Snow Queen by Edmund Dulac

The Snow Queen by Arthur Rackham


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