Magical Gift Books for Young Adults – A Gifting List

Inspire nostalgia and magic with the gift of a book from our Gifts for Young Adults collection. The perfect keepsake gift books for the young adults in your life, this carefully chosen gifting list will help you make the best choice.


Gift Books For Lovers of Fairy Tales 


Beauty and the Beast Story - Fairy Tale Origins

The Beauty and the Beast Story – and Other Tales of Love in Unexpected Places

This edition from our Origins of Fairy Tales from Around the World series is a collection of seven versions of the fairy tale, including the ancient love story of ‘Cupid and Psych’ and the winged snake with three heads from Russia to the Italian fire-breathing dragon and the classic French tale of ‘La Belle et La Bête’.

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Fairies I Have Met – Illustrated by Edmund Dulac

Fairies I Have Met is a collection of fairy tales, originally penned by Mrs Rodolph Stawell, accompanied by Edmund Dulac’s splendid colour illustrations. It was written for a little girl named Penelope, ‘so that she may love the fairies, and keep the sunbeam always in her heart.’ It includes the stories ‘The Cloud that had no Lining’, ‘The Big Spider’s Diamonds’, ‘A Little Girl in a Book’, ‘The Box of Dreams’, ‘The Fairy Who had only one Wing’, and many more.

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The Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm – Illustrated by Arthur Rackham

The Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm is a fantastic collection of stories, decorated with Arthur Rackham’s splendid illustrations. Included, are such well-known and loved stories as ‘Briar Rose’, ‘The Frog Prince’, ‘Rapunzel’, ‘The Valiant Little Tailor’, ‘Hansel and Gretel’, and many more.

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Fairy Tales of Charles Perrault – Illustrated by Harry Clarke 

The Fairy Tales of Charles Perrault is a wonderful collection of some true classics of children’s literature, first penned in the 17th century. He is responsible for such famous works as ‘Cinderella’, ‘Little Red Riding Hood’, ‘Sleeping Beauty’, and ‘Puss in Boots’.

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Fantastical Tales for Day Dreamers


The Illustrated Alice - Golden Age of Illustration Series

The Illustrated Alice in Wonderland

The Illustrated Alice in Wonderland presents work from the masters of the ‘Golden Age of Illustration’, including Arthur Rackham, Gwynedd M. Hudson, John Tenniel, W. Heath Robinson, and Milo Winter. The sheer variety of artistic responses to Charles Dodgson’s story is truly fascinating; attesting to the skill of the author, and the pleasure the tale has brought to its readers.

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The Magical Land of Noom - Johnny Gruelle

The Magical Land of Noom – Written and Illustrated by Johnny Gruelle

This story tells the tale of Johnny and Janey, two children who escape from their backyard and fly away to the moon – having many strange encounters, and even more great adventures in the process. With a flying machine built of wooden spoons and old boards, they discover an enchanted kingdom on the ‘dark side of the moon’, which at first appears as paradise… the two children’s lives are never the same again. 

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Tanglewood Tales – by Nathaniel Hawthorne illustrated by Virginia Frances Sterrett - cover

Tanglewood Tales – Illustrated by Virginia Frances Sterrett

It is a masterful re-writing of well-known Greek myths, all presented in one volume, for a younger audience, beautifully illustrated by Virginia Frances Sterrett. It contains the myths of ‘The Minotaur’, ‘The Pygmies’, ‘The Dragon’s Teeth’ ‘Circe’s Palace’, ‘The Pomegranate Seeds’ and ‘The Golden Fleece’.

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Story Books from Around the World


Tales of the Punjab – Illustrated by John Lockwood Kipling

A stunning collection of 43 Eastern folktales to rival ‘The Arabian Nights’, bought to life with Kipling’s intricate black and white illustrations. The stories include: The Faithful Prince’, ‘The Bear’s Bad Bargain’, ‘Prince Lionheart and His Three Friends’, ‘The Son of Seven Mothers’, and ‘The Adventures of Raja Rasalu’ just to name a few. 

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Pinocchio - Illustrated by Charles Folkard_CVR

Pinocchio – The Tale of a Puppet – Illustrated by Charles Folkard

Follow Pinocchio, a wooden puppet, on his adventure to become a real boy. The mischievous marionette must learn how to be good for his wish to come true. This beloved tale, filled with fairies, talking crickets and man-eating fish, has been described as one of the greatest works of Italian literature of all time.

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The Illustrated Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp

The Illustrated Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp

The Illustrated Aladdin is a collection of exquisite illustrations gathered together in one beautiful book for all to love and treasure. Escape to the world of The Arabian Nights as we cast a new light on this enchanting and enduring fairy tale through a collection of 120 illustrations.

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Japanese Fairy Tales

Japanese Fairy Tales and Legends – Illustrated by Harry G. Theaker

The stories edition of Japanese Fairy Tales and Legends include: ‘The Land of the Rising Sun’, ‘The Old Man who made Withered Trees to Bloom’, ‘The Marriage of the Rat’s Daughter’, ‘The Story of Raiko and the Deamon’, and many more. Accompanying the enchanting storytelling, are both colour and black-and-white illustrations by Harry G. Theaker.

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